Essential Business Analyst Skills to Work on in 2024: Aligning with the World Economic Forum's Vision

Kenneth Gray

Stakeholder Engagement

Why Is It Important?

Bridging the gap between business goals and solutions frequently necessitates the involvement of multiple stakeholders, ranging from top level executives to IT professionals and end-users.

How to Create It:

  • Communication Training: Think about taking classes on effective communication and relationship-building.
  • Active Listening: Active listening can help you better grasp the wants and concerns of stakeholders. Having emotional intelligence and cultural awareness prepares you to effectively work with people on all levels. 

Analytical Thinking

Why It's Important:

Breaking down complex problems into usable insights is at the heart of business analysis, which necessitates strong analytical skills.

How to Create It:

  • Certification Programmes: Industry standards such as CBAP or BCS courses can offer a defined learning pathway.
  • Case Studies: Reviewing business case studies on a regular basis might help you grasp problem-solving dynamics.

Creative Thinking

Why It's Important:

With the rapid advancement of technology, BAs must think creatively in order to propose solutions that are both effective and future-proof.

How to Develop It:

  • Innovation Workshops: Take part in or lead innovation sprints or workshops.
  • Cross-industry Learning: Getting out of your comfort zone and learning from people in various industries might give you with new perspectives.
World Economic Forum - Core skills for 2023

Technical Literacy

Why Is It Important?  

BAs must have a solid understanding of tools, programming languages, or software relevant to their industry as firms adopt newer technology.

How to Develop It:

  • Online Courses: Websites such as Pluralsight, Coursera and Udemy provide a variety of beginner-friendly tech courses.
  • Collaboration: Collaborate closely with your IT teams to have a thorough understanding of the tools and systems in use.

Value Co-creation

Why Is It Important?  

Working together with stakeholders to generate solutions, value co-creation entails ensuring that the end result provides concrete advantages for all parties involved.

How to Develop It:

  • Collaborative Tools: Master collaboration tools such as Jira, Asana, and Microsoft Teams.
  • User-Centric Approach: Adopt frameworks that focus on user needs, such as Design Thinking, lean thinking and systems thinking.

How to Keep Up-to-date with the Latest Skills

1. Training: Formal training and certification programmes, such as those offered by the BCS, can provide disciplined skill development.

2. Personal Study: Using internet resources, eBooks, or even podcasts to keep ahead of the curve will help you stay ahead of the game.

3. Professional Experience: Nothing beats hands-on experience. Every new endeavour might be an opportunity to learn.

4. Industry Engagement: Associations such as the BCS frequently provide forums for networking, learning, and even mentoring.

Closing Remarks

A focus on acquiring these talents might help you match your career path with the larger goal laid out by global organisations such as the World Economic Forum. It is not just about staying current with trends, but also about understanding how to add concrete value to your organisation and initiatives. So, as we enter 2024, prioritise skill development to become an irreplaceable asset to your organisation.